Frequently Asked Questions

We'll have some pop and non-alcholic beverages available. You are welcome to bring your own beverages as well.
The Block party is free this year. We had some leftover funds from 2019, so just bring a dish to pass. 😊
There's no cost this year. We had leftover money from our 2019 block party.

This year’s event is being organized and coordinated by:

  • John Gryniewicz & Sophie Dobriansky (22 Fairwood)
  • Don & Joann McGuire (41 Fairwood)
  • Jake & Audrey Covert (18 Fairwood)
  • Don & Leslie Jones (19 Fairwood)

But we need a few more volunteers!  Reach out to us and let us know if you’d be willing to help.

We'll be using the large green Pleasant Ridge Foundation tent, so we should be covered. A very nice thank you to the PR Foundation, for them letting us use it this year.
Absolutely! This will be a family-friendly atmosphere, with a number of kid-friendly activities.
This year's block party is happening more in the fall, so we've chosen a "chili" theme. There should be about 8-10 large pots of Chili as the main dish. There will be at least one vegetarian Chili. We're asking everyone to bring a food item based on which section of Fairwood you live on:

1 14 Fairwood
15 44 Fairwood
Side Dishes
45 70 Fairwood